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Alex, says: "Welcome to MakerFur Makerplace!"As a Vendor of the MakerFur Marketplace you have the option to sell the products you make and get paid for it. We offer many options for vendors, and all are easy to setup. When you set up your store you’ll have the option to create commission slots with slot limits, auctions and reverse auctions, standard products, variable products – even attendance slots for an event like a meet or con!

Vendors will also have the option to sell their art on a wide variety of printed items like hoodies, shirts – even shoes! The updated list of all printable options is here.  Have a wide variety of printed products in your store and you could earn money while doing virtually nothing else. Feeling creative? Make anything you want and list it, it’s your store.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s the catch? What are the fees going to be like? How is this site going to make any money?”  For printed goods we create and ship with your permission to buyers, you get 40% of the profits per item. For all else, we charge 4% of the sale.

If this has inspired you to join our team of vendors, apply today! If you have questions, click here.

  • Who You Are

    This data is kept private and not displayed in the store unless you choose to show it. Use a real name and email so that we can send you information about your store or payments if you choose not to use paypal.
  • This is really important - example: [email protected] - We will not sell your info, but may send you emails from time to time.
  • Vendor Store Fiddly Bits

    This is where you choose a store name that will be come your address. You may also upload a profile picture and banner for the store. These can also be easily edited later in your dashboard.
  • This is the good stuff here, choose a good one, something catchy, easy to say or unique.
  • https://www.makerfur.com/shop/
  • Upload profile picture - Square image (150x150) px prefered
  • Upload a banner for your store. Banner size is (625x300) px
  • Personal Information

    This data is hidden from the public (unless you choose to show it) and used to contact you in the event we need to send you a payment should you choose not to use paypal.
  • Use only numbers example: 15085551212
  • The Important Part - Your password for your vendor store

    Please make it a strong one or the internet can figure a way to add weird products you your store. Please, don't use simple passwords.
  • Please, don't use simple passwords
  • Please, don't use simple passwords
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