Raise Funds

Do good, Be good

You Have a Cause

Raising money for a baseball team or supporting a local animal shelter, we're here to help.  Custom designs go a long way to getting the word out.

We make and ship all the gear and garments. Custom made to order in any quantity.  No inventory to stock, ship or buy upfront.  We handle all the details, you just tell everyone about it. 

We Have Makers

We have many talented makers in many styles and art forms.  Choose one you like or bring your own. Next, setup a commission.  Once completed, we can print it on almost anything and ship it out.

Offer a link to buyers, parents, or anyone really.  When they buy your item, we set aside a percentage of the profits for your fundraiser.

The Best Part

Everyone wins!

When a sale is made through the MakerFur Marketplace on fundraising items, we offer a percentage to the artist (even yours), cover the costs of printing and what's left is sent to the fundraiser.

It's really that simple.

Contact Us Today

We are here to help your cause however we can. With over 3 years of helping charities like ALS, Baypath Humane Society and others, let us show you what we can do.

DogBomb Inspiration

We helped DogBomb raise funds for the ALS with 100% profit donations to help this inspiring and amazing guy.

Are You Next?

We are here to help achieve your goals with raising awareness, helping a charity or fundraising the team.


ALS can kiss my fuzzy BUTT! Thanks to @dogbomb1 and @MakerFur for spreading awareness and making a difference.

- GoldValkyrieHusky

A very happy dog with his new shirt

- Sirius Blur

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We really believe that through effort, great ideas and helping others that we can make a difference in a life or a team or more.